Social Media Technology Love it or Hate it, It's Here to Stay

Social Media Technology: Love or Hate it

I’ve made this as a very simple, quick and easy way to get familiar or re-familiarize yourself with Social Media Technology (SMT). I have also included some links for some of the main sites should you wish to explore or try some of these.

Much of this is what I have personally discovered. continue to learn using SMT, and as someone who has a love/hate relationship with it. However, I have found that it is necessary to make an effort to at least have an idea of what's going on out there since we are all being affected in one way or another. Just look around you now, from your watch, phone, television, even appliances. SMT is part of our lives.

Due to its nature, it is impossible to include all that is related to social media technology. But ideally everyone can use this to have confirmation, learn something new, and food for thought and engage more fully their journey through the social media world. I also would like to save you the time and frustration I have gone through navigating through this new world of ours.

Social Media Technology, What is this?

What is social media?Social Media is a type of technology (SMT). One that creates very strong feelings in many of us. Many of us either hate it or love it . I personally have a love/hate relationship with it. It is my contention that for every pro there is a con. And if you are undecided on how to use it, I believe considering both sides is crucial. At minimum we should know what SMT is because it is literally everywhere and can’t be ignored, for too long anyway.

Some researchers are studying the effects social media has on us. SMT however, is constantly evolving and at an ever-increasing rate. The effect of on us is still undetermined and unfolding. It is unlikely we will come up with any definitive conclusion because of its dynamic nature. So the bad news is, resistance is truly futile when it comes to social media in our lives. Good news, there is something for everyone at any level that we can make use of.

This is what we do know thus far. More people are using SMT than ever in our known history. People are spending more time per day on one type of social media or another.

It used to be that teens and those in their twenties were the main users for SMT. Now people of all ages are using it and those 65 and older are using it at an unexpectedly high rate.
My experience,  feelings and why I use SMT
Many people don’t know this about me because they may know me as an entertainer, speaker, event lover, but I actually did my Master’s Thesis on the woes and fears of the use of evolving technology. That is because of my own fear associated with its use. Unlike many young people today, I wasn’t born with computers and other technologies being ubiquitous. In fact, we took basic typewriting courses during my high school days, on a typewriter not computer. If there was a computer it had that awful black screen with green fonts and DOS (Disk Operating System) was the main way of using it. We didn't have "window", swiping or systems the way we easily use them today.

In a fairly short time, things have evolved and changed to the point where using a basic computer seems like childsplay for most people. Just slide here, touch there, click other there and boom, you get things done.

What SMT is in a nutshell
Types of SMT range from huge to small websites, programs, applications (apps), and other technology.

Some examples SMT is used for are connecting people to each other via writing, photos, texting, work projects, video chatting, vlogs (videoblogs) networking, gaming, dating, dining, social bookmarking certain sites and general entertainment (streaming movies and shows online).

There are more and more devices using SMT. We have the traditional computer,  mobile smart phones, tablets, cameras, shopping registers, and emerging technology devices like Google glasses with a computer attached. Anywhere you go, even at home, these are there. And they are somehow becoming interconnected with each other. Did you notice that many websites now allow you to sign in not just through themselves but through other sites like Facebook and Twitter?

The Human Factor
We as humans have to find a way to adapt to this in one way or another. Some refuse to engage and go live in a technology-less sub-cultural systems. But that is quite rare and very challenging. So more of us are using SMT as said above. That means we will come in contact with all kinds of characters through this virtual world. These include, regular everyday folks, friends, family, business owners, huge business entities, artists, entertainers, the vain, people with political agendas, those who want to do good for the world, bullies...the list goes on. We have to learn how to use common sense manners and caution to get through our days avoiding the bad seeds out there.

Benefits and Transformation
SMT has changed from simply sharing information in a virtual environment, to a way of creating and establishing a presence and reputation in both the virtual and real world. This includes making money, career, health, social engagement and many other facets of our lives. It is literally changing the way we as humans communicate, process about share information.

Our brains have something Neuro-scientists call Neuroplasticity. That is, are brains our much more flexible in its neural connection that we ever thought possible. We can learn new things in amazing, previously unknown ways. With social media and current technology our brains are literally processing information/data differently.

Why Love SMT
It can make life easier in many ways if used properly. From paying bills, finding information fast. to sending out instant messages. The days of the carrier pigeons are gone. In addition, the below is also possible:
  • Anyone can be a “star”
  • Connections with things you care about (niche interests)
  • Money can potentially be made (e-commerce) and other goods and services can be exchanged
  • There is a global reach. At no other time, have we been able to reach anyone, anywhere in the world about anything. As long as they have access to the technology, we can reach out to each other. So when we say the world wide web or interconnection, it is quite literal. 
  • It has become one of the best for hearing about breaking news anywhere in the world.
  • It can help create romantic relationships, business liaisons, and humane causes
  • Can have a positive impact psychologically by being in the know on so many issues and information that otherwise be inaccessible 
  • Used for teaching and working better

Why Hate SMT
The reasons to hate SMT are the opposite of the reasons to love it.
  • It’s complexity--it can be extremely hard to use and understand
  • Bombardment of info--too much too fast
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Relationships can be destroyed (all kinds)
  • One can be bullied, staked by predators including sexual predators from anywhere, at anytime
  • A target by spammers, scammers and all kinds cyber criminals
  • Our privacy is decreasing exponentially (cameras everywhere) we can even be seen by our monitors and home cameras in our own home
  • We can be left behind by society if we are not caught up with this virtual world movement

Despite Loving or Hating, What to do with it?

Although the feelings toward SMT are all over the place, there are benefits to using any of these platforms. It all depends on what your goals are. The tricky issue is that much of this technology is moving so fast it's hard to figure out if your goals are in tune with the technology itself. Either way, you have to start somewhere and probably already have. So consider:

~If you just like to watch, read, learn and observe any of these will be fun to try.

~If you want to participate, communicate actively, write, add photos, videos, or any content, each of these has different ways you can do this and it depends on what is your favorite style.

~If you want to avoid it as much as possible, at least know what any particular SMT is being used for and if one day it will affect you directly or indirectly.

The Big and Popular ones ones...I have either put the general link (if it's available) or a link to a page I use for you to see how I'm using some of these.

Niche Social Media and applications for reviews, discounts and more

Other niche, evolving apps
  • QR code
  • Goto Meeting- virtual business meetings, webinars and conferences (online search)
Sites and Apps For Dating
There are sites for travel discounts, service and product reviews, you name it. All you have to do is do a search and try not to get overwhelmed. The more popular ones will likely appear first but some gems can appear later on in the search pages so take a look at what's there too.

As the title states, SMT is here to stay. You can hate it, love it but will eventually use it so why not get to know it.  

Want to know more? Schedule a coaching session on this and other issues at This is Diana.

~Always with Love, Light and Common Sense Manners~

Diana Navarro, M.S.
On a Quest to Bring Common Sense Manners Back!


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